and Fashion collide with Next Models and the Samsung GALAXY Note

The fashion world is getting more
technological and the technology world is getting more fashionable. Through the
Fall 2012 Fashion Week series, Next Model Management has partnered with Samsung
to bring the two together.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our
tweets, you’ve probably already seen some of the personalized images our staff
and our models have created and shared using this sleek and stylish device.
We’ve just gotten started with New York, and
will continue to post behind the scenes photos, videos and more fromLondon, Milan andParis.

The GALAXY Note is a great device for
chronicling fashion week. It’s thin and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around,
yet it has an enormous HD screen, making it so much easier  to compose everything from tweets to
full-length blog posts. We love the 8MP camera and the ability to edit photos
straight from the device, as well.

But what really makes the GALAXY Note a really
helpful tool is the S pen. We can write or draw – just like we would on a piece
of paper – on any screen. Our models have been having a great time taking
photos and adding personal notes and drawings to share. We’ve also found the
ability to write on maps to be really useful for giving directions to places
like “Pier 57” (or even “Watts
Street”) which may otherwise be tough to describe.

We hope you’ll follow our fashion week
coverage with the Samsung GALAXY Note at @nextmodelsNYC and @NextModelLondon