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Mario Batali’s Hamptons Haunts

MAY 25, 2012

More from Scott Feldman’s interview with Batali, which appears in our Memorial Day issue out now. 

What’s your favored mode of transportation to beat the traffic when heading out East? 
If I can swing it, I like to take a chopper. I am an impatient driver and try to get over the travel bit as quickly as possible so that I can start the chill part.

How about your fondest Hamptons memory?
Eating a lobster roll at Duryea’s with my wife, kids, and in-laws. It’s such an odd and funny place—and almost the antithesis of why hoity-toity folks go out East, which is why I like it best.

Where do you shop for produce and seafood?
The fish store in Amagansett is the nexus of fun for me, but we hit the farmers’ markets on Montauk Highway.

Your restaurants are known for good music. What’s on your Hamptons playlist?
This year we will be listening to a lot of sweet soul. My kids are just about ready for Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, and we will mix that in with the traditional summer playlist of Allman Brothers live stuff, a bit of the Dead from the ’78 to ’79 tour, and the obligatory White Stripes.

What’s the deal with the orange Crocs?  
It’s the national color of Batali. And it’s the happiest color of all.

If you weren’t a chef…
I’d be a pool boy in Malibu. No pressure, just clean drains and killer surf.

Mario Batali’s Negroni Recipe

The Negroni is one of the great Italian cocktails. Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel concocted this legendary drink on the set of their surrealist short film, Un Chien Andalou.

5 ounces dry gin
5 ounces Campari
5 ounces sweet vermouth
Orange peel

In a large cocktail shaker, combine the gin, Campari, and vermouth. Shake gently and pour over ice into a large balloon glass. Twist a slice of orange peel to release its juices, drop the  peel into the drink, and serve.

Recipe courtesy of Sporting News’ 2006 “Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style.”