Do you think you have what it takes to be a Next Model?  There is so much talent out there but people do not always know where to go or how it all works.  Below is an interview with the head of our New Faces Division in London, Ross Young.  Read this to learn the do’s and don’ts of interacting with Scouts and how you go about signing with an agnecy.

What does it take to be a model?

“Becoming a model is an exciting prospect, but one that must be considered carefully. Modelling offers great opportunities to travel and meet people. However it takes hard work, dedication and persistence, no matter how beautiful you are, a strong work ethic and professional attitude are essential.”

I want to be a model what shall I do?

“As one of the worlds biggest model agencies, NEXT offer and provide information regarding best practice, how to present yourself, personal care and friendly professional advice about the industry. To apply to become a model please submit natural, make up free pictures of yourself along with details (age and height) to put the city you want to apply to in the subject line of your email. Alternatively  you can drop into your local agency office for an open call between 10am and 12pm Monday to Friday, you don’t need an appointment”

Do I need to bring photos?

“There is no requirement for a professional portfolio, please be very wary of paying for portfolios, no reputable agency will ever ask you for money for photos up front. All we need are some natural snap shots, or holiday photos. We will take photos of you when you come in if we think you have potential, and if we take you on, we will arrange and pay for photos to be taken with our preferred photographers”

I’ve been scouted but I’m not sure they are genuine, what should I do?

“Recently there has been an increase in people falsely posing as model scouts on the internet, through social media, blogs and chatrooms. Please note that speaking to strangers on the internet is always dangerous and should not be engaged in. Never send personal details or photographs to anyone you do not know. Do not arrange to meet people for castings, photo shoots or meetings before you have been consulted by an agency. If you are scouted by NEXT it will be by a member of our team who will present you with a scouting card, where you can find out all the information you need. We will never ask to meet you anywhere other than in your local agency office. You can find the agency addresses on our website. We will always email you from an official email account”.