An interview with Larry Scott, Next model and co-founder of New York based SweetGemsNYC- a small, artisan, gluten free, vegan baking company.


NEXT:Tell me about your company?

Larry Scott: SweetGemsNYC was founded by myself and my friend Noor Elashi, a gluten free baker and writer. We have introduced three lines thus far: 1) Artisan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin, 2) Artisan Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffin and 3) Artisan Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie.

SweetGems is currently on Kickstarter, a fundraising website for creative projects. We only have 6 days to go! To back us on Kickstarter, visit:


How did you start it and why?

The idea came after Noor discovered her gluten intolerance. She came up with a few tasty recipes, and felt inspired to start a business. She asked if I wanted to help, and I said, “Are you kidding me? Of course!” We came up of the name “SweetGems” and the slogan, “gluten free. vegan. liberated.” By liberated, we mean liberated from refined sugars, refined flours and preservatives.


What makes you different from other vegan companies?

We handcraft all of our goodies with almond flour and sweeten with organic maple syrup. Most vegan and gluten free companies out there now still use refined sugar and alternative flours like garbanzo-bean flour and potato starch. We use Almond flour which is distinct in that it delivers a natural sweetness, but it is low in carbohydrates so it does not make your blood sugar spike up and then shoot back down.


What’s the most important message you want to portray with SweetGems?

SweetGemsNYC conveys that eating something sweet and nutritious doesn’t mean you comprise quality and taste. SweetGems demonstrates that baked treats can look good, taste good and make the body feel good.


What is a vegan/gluten free lifestyle important, and what are the benefits?

We, the founders of SweetGems, believe in a health conscious, sustainable way of living. This means eliminating toxins from every aspect of our lives, especially the food that we put into our bodies. Eating foods that will promote your detox organs (liver and kidney) will not only give you a sharp mind; it’ll also give you clear skin and a great body.

Do you have any plans to create any new flavours/recipes?

Absolutely. SweetGems lines will be introduced per season. For example, right now we have the Artisan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin. In the summer, we plan on introducing a muffin with fresh raspberries!


What is your plan for SweetGems future? Where do you see the company going in the next 10 years?


After enhancing packaging and acquiring the neccessary funds through Kickstarter (which we cannot do without your help!) SweetGemsNYC plans to expand distribution, first all across New York City, then all across the country and the world.


Please visit to donate to SweetGemsNYC and help them reach their goal!

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