Island time, a sensation as far removed as possible from the experience of watching the clock whilst on the clock. This is precisely the point in an editorial by the same name in the February 2014 issue of Marie Claire Australia featuring none other than Shanina Shaik. Photographed on a faraway tropical shore by David Gubert, the story strikes a sultry chord with with delicate sheers, laces, and chiffons — the go-to fabrics for sandier, beachier climes. Turn the pages languidly and the story is over, but no matter, Shanina Shaik keeps island time ticking on and on…

Credits include: Publication, Marie Claire Australia February 2014; Title, “Island Time”; Photography, David Gubert at Utopia; Styling, Valeryi Yong at Viviens Creative; Hair and makeup, Sarah Tammer at Viviens Creative.

Shanina Shaik | Marie Claire Australia February 2014 (Photography: David Gubert)