PARIS — To follow really any collection of Phoebe Philo’s with words is to merely emphasize the inadequacies of language. The designer’s Fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection presented at Tennis Club de Paris as she has for many previous was no exception. The color palette, the tailoring, the shoe, the accessories, all set the brain racing in a vain attempt to reduce, codify, and order what the eyes knew enough to simply appreciate and admire without words. Expressing the collection, then on the runway were Kassandra Jensen, Stephanie Joy, Kia Low, Hedvig Palm, and current campaign face of the brand, Binx.

The afternoon light hits what could well be the club center court on any but at least two days of the calendar year. Twice a year when Philo lines up the models moments before the hitting the runway they are showered in this sunlight. Every exacting detail, pleat, and cut rendered by the designer’s hand suddenly achieves the vividness of a dream moments before waking up. On the runway the light design used creates a daylight profile best suited for a show to be photographed. Set to a 1972 song by British funk outfit Cymande and the dream turns into a real trip…

Credits include: Label, Céline; Collection, Fall 2014 ready-to-wear; Designer, Phoebe Philo; Styling, Camilla Nickerson; Casting, Michelle Lee; Hair, Guido; Makeup, Dick Page.