We sat down with Chloe Hayward, a seasoned festival attendee to find out some of her tips.  Find out her festival musts as well as where you’ll most likely find her!

What is your top festival tip?

Take your favourite people, festivals are a real test of friendship so don’t take anyone who’s a bit of a moaner. You need people who are really going to get into the spirit of living amongst the grass for a few days.


What one thing do you always take to a festival?

Ray Ban club masters for the morning after the night before, and a bright Tom Ford lipstick to perk up a sleep deprived face. Then essentials like wet wipes, hand sanitizer and a splash of Jasmine perfume by Etat Libre d’Orange to make myself feel slightly more human. And I always bring energy bars like CLIF Peanut Butter bars ones to make sure I have a bit of sugar in the morning.


What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at a festival?

Inflate the air bed, make the tent and get organised before scoping out what bands you want to see. If you don’t get organised quickly, you’ll miss those bands in the day that you really want to see and get home having only seen the headliners.


Where will we find you?

I like to be able to move so I won’t be right at the front, just close enough to get the vibe of the gig but with enough space to chill with my troupe and have our own dance party.


What’s your best festival memory?

One of the best is going to Coachella and seeing Prince which was amazing and then Paul McCartney. He played “Something” on ukulele and everyone went quiet, you could hear a pin drop, thousands of people taking in a beautiful love song.


What’s your festival fashion go to outfit?

A vintage dress, boots, a fedora wide brimmed hat.


What’s your song of the summer?

Anything by the Alabama Shakes, I saw them at Glastonbury and she’s amazing. I hugged the lead singer Brittany Shaw as she was watching the Stones too and told her how incredible and soulful a show it was. “Hang Loose” gets me in the mood. http://vimeo.com/36674390