This time of year foliage does its bit for autumn color. Yellows, reds, and deep oranges consume once-green canopies like sepia tone does archival prints. The latest issue of Stylist France features a story by photographer Marcin Tyszka and stylist Belén Casadevall starring Maria Loks set against a canvas of fall colors. A certain psychedelic flair imbues the portraits with a warmth that belies the falling temperatures and waning daylight hours. For her part on the page, Maria helps stem the march toward winter and create the sort of sanctuary that is typically the preserve of Indian summer.

Credits include: Stylist France #23, 24 October 2013; Title, “S’emmêler le Pinceaux”; Photography, Marcin Tyszka; Styling: Belén Casadevall; Hair, Bruno Silvani at Jed Root; Makeup, Tiziana Raimondo at Airport Agency; Styling assistance, Manon del Colle.