Ehren Dorsey features in a sprawling editorial in this month’s L’Officiel Paris by photographer Stian Foss. Titled “Bag Lady,” the Anne-Sophie Thomas-styled story is not so much about indigence as it is about indulgence. To that end, Ehren’s luxury shopping bags are brimming with myriad eccentricities. Combinations predominate, whether in fabric, texture, color, or print. A pixie cut by Hélène Bidard accentuates the story’s jaunty, insouciant air, but it is Ehren who gives the story its genuine character.

Credits include: Publication, L’Officiel Paris novembre 2013; Title, “Bag Lady”; Photography, Stian Foss; Styling, Anne-Sophie Thomas; Hair, Hélène Bidard; Makeup, Anthony Preel; Photography assistance, David and Mitko; Digital, Philippe Billiemont; Styling assitance, Julie Cristobal.

Ehren Dorsey | L’Officiel Paris novembre 2013 (Photography: Stian Foss)