Narcissism takes center stage in a dramatic manner for the third issue of Anja Rubik’s 25 Magazine. Aline Weber stars in a spellbinding short film by Paola Kudacki, the second of three teasers for the issue, that makes manifest many of the contours running through contemporary narcissism in the Information Age. Kudacki’s use of screens calls to mind David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, thereby indexing the peril that is forever present in a technologically-mediated existence. Aline’s command of the screens, however demonstrates this techno-narcissism is not without its rewards.

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Credits include: Publication, 25 Magazine Issue 3; Direction, Paola Kudacki; Model, Aline Weber; Styling, Brandon Maxwell; Makeup, Serge Hodonou; Hair, Kevin Ryan; Manicure, Yuko Tsuchihashi; Set design, Nick des Jardins