To simply say Veronica Varekova is passionate about wildlife in Africa would be a gross understatement. Although Veronica began working with the African Wildlife Foundation in an ambassadorial role in 2009 and today serves on the organization’s board of trustees, the myriad issues facing the world’s second largest continent run much, much deeper for Veronica. “If I get killed for [speaking out against diplomatic collusion on poaching], then so be it,” declares Veronica in the current issue of Origin Magazine. Veronica does not mince words when it comes to an issue of such importance. “There’s so much beauty in Africa, but it’s not endless.”

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Credits include: Publication, Origin Magazine N°15 November / December 2013; Title, “African Wildlife Foundation”; Interview, Maranda Pleasant; Photography, African Wildlife Foundation / Craig R. Sholley, John Butler.

Veronica Varekova | Origin November / December 2013 (Photography: African Wildlife Foundation)