There is something about infused tea leaves that brings about touches of madness, it’s a bit of a recurrent theme in literature and politics. The latest Dazed Digital exclusive starring Magda Laguinge takes this very tea obsession to the brink and along the way paints in broad strokes Tati Cotliar’s styling nous. “Magda & Her Cup of Tea” by director Casey Brooks charts this mania for tea and table settings until a beach ball and its owner (played by Alexandre Hammoudi of American Ballet) upsets the balance. As go high fashion films, this short is immensely watchable thanks in no small part to Magda’s obvious gifts in physical theatre and Tati’s fashion styling acumen.

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Credits include: Publication, Dazed Digital; Title, “Magda & Her Cup of Tea”; Direction, Casey Brooks; Styling, Tati Cotliar; Model, Magda Laguinge at Next, Alexandre Hammoudi at American Ballet; Direction of photography, Brandon Stumpf; Hair, Cash Lawless; Makeup, Miguel Ramos; Manicure, Julia Kandelec; Set design, Veronika Ossi; Music, “Over and Over” by Angela McCluskey.