On Monday this page went live with the two covers of the “Into the Wild” issue of Muse featuring Aline Weber and Meghan Collison respectively. Today, however we dig into the winter edition of the fashion quarterly for an in-depth look at the cover stories, the former of which, titled “Native Woodland,” is photographed by Beau Grealy with styling by Sarah Ellison-Prat. Situated along wooded banks, Aline is in her element wearing looks that loosely can be described as gypsy luxe. Rings and necklaces predominate and are complemented in kind by ombre hair with a center part. At-dusk lighting accentuates the crackle of the campfire, thereby summoning thoughts of wood sprites, nymphs, and the like. Wilderness, however is ultimately kept at bay by the story’s woodland priestess, Aline, who conjures forth something even more spectacular.

Please visit this page to see Meghan’s cover story.

Credits include: Publication, Muse #36 Winter 2013; Title, “Native Woodland”; Photography, Beau Grealy; Fashion, Sarah Ellison-Prat; Hair, Brent Lawler for Oribe Hair Care at Streeters; Makeup, Justine Purdue at Tim Howard Management; Prop styling, Eli Metcalf at Marek and Associates; Photography assistance, Jonathan Tasker; Digital, Ned Rogers; Styling assistance, Jean Hall, Katie Eytch; Prop styling assistance, Roy Delgado, Christina Agostini; Production, MS Creative Productions.Aline Weber | Muse #36 Winter 2013 (Photography: Beau Grealy)