The other cover story to Muse’s “Into the Wild” issue centers on Meghan Collison, who is photographed by Amy Troost. Titled “Sound Beyond Silence,” the Beth Fenton-styled story tempers many of the wild strains coursing through Aline Weber’s story in favor of something decidedly more demure. To that end, monochromatic looks from Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney amongst others rule the day for this story. Exactly which timbre the sound beyond silence possesses is neither here nor there, but if it is anything like Meghan Collison on the printed page, then it is surely beyond…

Please visit this page to see Aline’s cover story.

Credits include: Publication, Muse #36 Winter 2013; Title, “Sound Beyond Silence”; Photography, Amy Troost; Fashion, Beth Fenton; Hair, Rutger at Streeters using Oribe Hair Care; Makeup, Sil Bruinsma at Streeters using NARS Cosmetics; Manicure, Ami Vega at Marek and Associates using Chanel; Production, Cat Lewis at MAP; Photography assistance, Henry Lopez, Darren Hall; Digital, Ned Rogers; Styling assistance, Chelsea Rizzo.

Meghan Collison | Muse Winter 2013 (Photography: Amy Troost)