Aline Weber reignites passions in this all-white story for winter by photographer Rafael Stahelin in the latest issue of DuJour. Titled “Basic Instinct,” Aline does everything short of using an icepick or an interrogation room chair in what is the most eye-catching Catherine Tramell redux this side of 1992’s Sharon Stone. Varying textures and cuts keep monochromatic monotony in check, but it is Aline Weber who makes this story truly thrilling.

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Credits include: Publication, DuJour Winter 2013; Title, “Basic Instinct”; Photography, Rafael Stahelin; Styling, Catherine Newell-Hanson; Hair, Tamara McNaughton using Bumble and bumble; Makeup, Benjamin Puckey at D+V Management using Chanel; Casting, Ros Okusanya for Creartut; Production design, Raf Stahelin Studio.

Aline Weber | DuJour Winter 2013 (Photography: Rafael Stahelin)