Oyster trains its macro lens on Jenna Earle for a captivating beauty story by photographer Owen Bruce. Posted today on its digital flagship Oystermag.com, the series of portraits invites viewers to “come closer” and for good reason, the makeup by Linda Gradin is exquisite in its application. Come closer, then, please…

Visit Oyster to see the story in full.

Credits include: Publication, Oystermag.com; Date, 10 December 2013; Title, “Oyster Beauty: ‘Macro’ Shot by Owen Bruce”; Photography, Owen Bruce at Home; Hair, Thanos Samaras at L’Atelier NYC for Marie Robinson Salon; Makeup, Linda Gradin at L’Atelier NYC; Manicure, Eri Handa at Melbourne Artists Group.

Jenna Earle | Oystermag.com 10 December 2013 (Photography: Owen Bruce)