Now hear this, Aline Weber features on the cover of Schön! #23 photographed by Tiziano Magni. The self-described #ICE issue promises “superb skiing of St. Moritz to the skills of the world’s top snowboarders.” Inside the issue, the Seymour Glass-styled cover story delivers on the issue’s pledge of downhill thrills albeit from inside the lodge. Still, that Aline also graces the cover is like powdery champagne snow on a fresh ski slope.

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Credits include: Publication, Schön! #23 December 2013; Photography, Tiziano Magni; Title, “A”; Fashion, Seymour Glass; Hair, Thanos Samaras at L’Atelier NYC for the Marie Robinson Salon; Makeup, Vicky at Bryan Bantry Agency using NARS; Digital, Giuseppe Furcolo; Retouching, View Imaging; First photography assistance, Olivia Owen; Second photography assistance, Jeff Rose; Styling assistance, Navarre Caldwell, Bryan Ho; Special thanks, Milk Studios.

Aline Weber | Schön! #23 December 2013 (Tiziano Magni)