Although the graphic interchange format, better known by its acronym GIF, has been around since 1987, it has in no way been buried by more sophisticated formats. The very simplicity of its 256 color palette affords the GIF an economy otherwise ignored in the higher bandwidths of the interweb, thereby allowing it to achieve results that are at turns striking, poignant, and often hilarious. Maja Salamon has been implicated in the fun this format offers for this AnOther exclusive wherein Quentin Jones and the publication’s fashion editor Agata Belcen rework leading Resort 2014 collections. In this look (left), Maja wears a cloak from Revival Vintage Boutique, suede jacket by Alexander McQueen, zipped jacket by Sonia Rykiel, and shorts by Valentino.

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Credits include: Publication,; Title, “Resort Flash” Photography and animation, Quentin Jones; Styling, Agata Belcen; Hair, Marki Shkreli at Artlist; Makeup, Lisa Houghton at Tim Howard Management; Casting, Larissa Gunn at PRODn for Art + Commerce; Manicure, Dawn Sterling at Melbourne Artists; Photographic assistance, Edon Gottlieb, Robyn Schmidt; Digital, Katie Hawthorne; Styling assistance, Mhairi Graham, Katharine Garr, Kat Banas, Carey Baldwin; Production, Mark Day and Neil Cooper at Cadence NY; Production coordination, Sylvia M Zakhary; Retouching, Bespoke Digital.