At this moment in the calendar October seems nearly a lifetime removed. Nevertheless the warmth of October sun on falling leaves possesses an enduring quality that makes even the coldest nights of winter seem a little less chilly. The latest issue of Out of Order explores the tenth month of the year in a story featuring Georgia Hilmer, Holly Rose, and Grace Hartzel photographed by Chad Moore. Titled “Red October,” the Rich Aybar-styled story delights in seasonal outwear that is both stylish and reasonable practical.

Credits include: Publication, Out of Order Winter 2013-2014; Title, “Red October”; Photography, Chad Moore; Styling, Rich Aybar; Hair, Yoichi Tomizawa; Makeup, Junko Kioka; Fashion assistance, Roxy Farman, Caleb Addison, Leon Kim.

Georgia Hilmer, Holly Rose & Grace Hartzel | Out of Order Winter 2013-2014 (Photography: Chad Moore)