Whether or not you are current matriculated in an institution of higher learning, there is no denying the appeal of Out of Order. Founded by students for students at Yale, the fashion biannual boasts an impressive editorial showing issue after issue. The latest edition is no exception and includes an editorial by Paul Maffi and stylist Rich Aybar featuring Magda Laguinge. Titled “House of Glass,” the 12-page story delights in the available light high above street level in an otherwise derelict office space. Although colors might bleach under the powerful glow of the afternoon Midtown sun, this series is no less vivid with Magda Laguinge at its heart.

Credits include: Publication, Out of Order Winter 2013-2014; Title, “House of Glass”; Photography, Paul Maffi; Styling, Rich Aybar.Magda Laguinge | Out of Order Winter 2013-2014 (Photography: Paul Maffi)