Last September in New York Kelsey Owens walked the runway for a Proenza Schouler exclusive. The St. Louis, Missouri native took the occasion in stride and came away with a thirst for more. “This past year I’ve gone from hearing about the amazing sights of the world to actually seeing them for my own eyes,” explained Kelsey in a brief interview that follows her latest editorial on The Ones2Watch by photographer Nil Hoppenot. The world and is surely for Kelsey’ taking, which indeed makes her one to watch.

Please visit The Ones2Watch to read Kelsey’s interview and see the editorial in full.

Credits include: Publication, The Ones2Watch; Date, 15 January 2014; Title, “Kelsey Owens”; Photography, Nil Hoppenot.Kelsey Owens | The Ones2Watch — 15 January 2014 (Photography: Nil Hoppenot)