NEW YORK — Fashion Week Fall 2014 has kicked off in earnest today and despite the frigid temperatures the sun is shining. The rare winter sunlight has created the perfect window for the Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop-Up Tweet Shop in Soho that will feature specially commissioned Daisy-themed artwork by artist and muse Langley Fox Hemingway. Readers will no doubt be familiar with Langley’s illustrations as they feature prominently in the LOVE S/S 2014* story by Sølve Sundbø and Katie Grand (previewed on left). Sharks, bat-donkeys, and other creatures from Langley’s universe bring this excellent story to life, but are kept at bay for Pop-Up Tweet Shop. That shop actually trades in social media and the hashtag economy made possible by #MJDaisyChain. Whether it is fragrant blooms or swooping bat wings, Langley Fox Hemingway fires imaginations no matter the occasion.

Please visit the Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop-Up Tweet Shop at 462 West Broadway in Manhattan 7-9 February between 11 AM and 7 PM. Find out more at YouTube/MarcJacobs.

*A full “Week of LOVE” will run on Next News 10-14 February in celebration LOVE S/S 2014.

Langley Fox Hemingway | LOVE S/S 2014 (Photography: Sølve Sundsbø)

Langley Fox Hemingway | LOVE S/S 2014 (Writing: Murray Healy)