#NextWeekofLOVE, our celebration of LOVE S/S 2014, continues unabated for a third day with Patrick Demarchelier’s excellent spring collections story featuring Ola RudnickaBinx, Sabrina IoffredaHolly Rose, and Grace Hartzel. Shot in crisp black and white, the Tabith Simmons-styled story looks ahead to the warmer months and the collections to suit them.

Credits include: Publication, LOVE N°11 S/S 2014; Title, “Collection”; Photograpy, Patrick Demarchelier; Styling, Tabitha Simmons; Casting, Ashley Brokaw; Hair, Esther Langham; Makeup, Lisa Houghton; Manicure, Naomi Yasada; Digital, Brendan Burke; Production, Stardust Visions; On-set production, Miles Godwin; Photography assistance, Margaret Gibbons, Evan Lee, Max Holl; Fashion assistance, Alexandra Winston, Roberto Filippello, Luca Galasso; Hair assistance, David Colvin, Lauren Palmer-Smith; Makeup assistance, Julianna Grogan; Manicure assistance, Chiharu Natsume; Retouching, Dtouch Paris.

Ola Rudnicka | LOVE S/S/ 2014 (Photography: Patrick Demarchelier)