Although Neil Barrett’s women’s ready-to-wear collection for Fall 2014 did not hit the runway (it was presented instead as a lookbook), it was no less enthralling for anyone who has laid eyes on it. The collection surfaced last week during the Paris shows and reportedly takes its sole inspiration from none other than Binx, a model whom’s Tim Blank describes as being “of the moment.” Apparently the designer met Binx last December during a Christmas party he cohosted with LOVE and immediately became enamored. Fast forward to March and the designer releases a collection that to a look exudes Binx. Lightning bolts ahoy, Neil Barrett is on to something…

Please visit to see the collection in full.

Credits include: Designer, Neil Barrett; Collection, Women’s Fall 2014 ready-to-wear; Photography, Courtesy of Neil Barrett.

Binx | Neil Barrett Fall 2014 (Photography: Courtesy of Neil Barrett via