SHOWstudio began its Design Download initiative in 2002 as a means to demystify the processes behind fashion design. Garment patterns by esteemed designers in turn were made available for download on the Internet. The ninth installment of the series offered a pattern for a dress by Giles Deacon from his Autumn / Winter 2007 ready-to-wear collection. A competition for best use of the pattern was organized and the winning selection from designer Leanne Broadway and filmmaker Marie Schuller features none other than Anna Martynova. Pictured amidst the swirling colors and liquified surfaces, Anna offers a vivid interpretation for the winning entry, which can be viewed here.

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Credits include: Publication, SHOWstudio; Title, “Design Download: Giles Deacon”; Design Download pattern, Giles Deacon; Designer, Leanne Broadway; Film direction, Marie Schuller.