“I’m Pharrell and I can’t believe I’m shooting the cover of GQ,” admits the award winning singer-songwriter and rising fashion icon in a behind-the-scenes personal style video for the April 2014 GQ cover shoot by Paolo Kudacki. The last six months have proven plenty busy for Pharrell, what with releasing a 24-hour video cycle for “Happy,” not to mention claiming four Grammy Awards including Producer of the Year, but for all the activity, and there is lots, he’s found a happiness that will carry him through it all. “Yeah, but I’m at peace because I discovered what my true happiness is, and it’s not all these nice things that we get—you know, the byproduct of like, living this life. It ain’t that. It’s time. It’s awareness, and it’s experiences. That’s happiness.”

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Credits include: Publication, GQ April 2014; Title, “Pharrell Williams Is Finally Happy”; Photography, Paola Kudacki.