Fragrance advertising is brilliant for spinning scenarios that are otherwise utterly preposterous into being entirely plausible. Fact is, the delicate amalgam of alcohols, fragrances, and other intangibles when bottled have the potential to verily seduce! This much is certain for the advertising for the Givenchy Ange ou Démon Le Secret fragrance featuring Harvey Newton-Haydon. A projection of the British model and actor is beamed against an interior wall, which in turn sends the female audience of one into complete raptures. The ensuing scene is equal parts intimate and erotic tinged with the absurd. If a mere projection of Harvey can charm the socks of women, then imagine him in the flesh. Ange ou démon? Harvey is all of the above.

Credits include: Client, Givenchy; Campaign, Ange ou Démon Le Secret (Fragrance).