Beauty Week begins today over at i-D and to mark the occasion the publication has marshaled considerable talent for an alphabetical foray into the world of creative cosmetics in a short video “The A-Z of Beauty” by director Daniel Sannwald and beauty editor Isamay Ffrench. Representing this collection of letters are Binx (abstract), Holly Rose (gloss), Stephanie Joy Field (jawline), Ola Rudnicka (kohl), Caroline de Maigret (quintessence), Meghan Collison (volume), and Arizona Muse (zshhh), all of whom give voice to their particular qualities germane to makeup and beauty. If “The A-Z of Beauty” is any indicator of what the week holds, then volumes and volumes are sure to follow.

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Credits include: Publication, i-D; Title, “The A-Z of Beauty”; Direction, Daniel Sannwald; Fashion direction, Sara Richardson; Casting direction, Angus Munro; Hair, Vi Sapyyapy; Makeup, Isamaya Ffrench; Manicure, Lorandy Mua; Casting coordination, Margareta von Oswald; Styling assistance, Alice Lefons; Hair assistance, Celine Decruz, Amelie Gallon, Luciano Corcovado, Thiphaine Hattenville; Makeup assistance, Alisonn Fetouaki, Joshua Wilks.