With indie rockers the Walkmen having gone on hiatus, co-songwriter Walter Martin has kept with fatherhood and the release of a solo record of children’s tunes called We’re All Young Together. The album has been given a visual boost with its first unofficial music video for “We Like the Zoo” starring Lily McMenamy by photographer and filmmaker KT Auleta. The free-spirited short film follows Lily as she wends her way through the grid of Manhattan moving and grooving to Martin’s song playing over her white earbuds. The folksy song on its own is inviting, but is made irresistible by Lily’s brilliant public performance, one delivered with complete abandon.

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Credits include: Title, “We Like the Zoo: A Film by KT Auleta & Lily McMenamy”; Direction, KT Auleta; Music, Walter Martin; Direction of photography, Nick Ray McCann; Editing, KT Auleta; Color, Vacation Production; Graphic animation, Tony Tallarico; Production, Bec Adams.