Mówisz po polsku? If you can answer this question, then chances are this Polish language primer from i-D and director Daniel Brereton starring Ola Rudnicka will be a snap. For those readers who did not grow up speaking the language of Mickiewicz and Sienkiewicz, Polish can be a notoriously tricky language to even pronounce let alone master. Fortunately i-D has enlisted Warsaw native Ola for a little help with eight handy phrases that ought to keep you fed and hopefully headed in the right direction when traveling throughout Poland or Greenpoint. To be clear, this is no Berlitz blitz, but a high fashion foray into conversational Polish that draws eight different looks from the collections of Proenza Schouler to Christian Dior…zajebiste in other words. Ola, over to you —

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Credits include: Publication, i-D.co; Date, 9 July 2014; Title, “Model Mother Tongue: Ola Rudnicka”; Direction, Daniel Brereton; Production, James Lowrey; Direction of photography, Nic Booth; Styling, Raphael Hirsch; Hair, Karin Bilger; Makeup, Ariel Yeh using Illamasqua; Styling assistance, Sarah Flanagan.