These days any calendar grander than the app on your smartphone is likely only to be found hanging on the walls of homes for the aged or auto garages. Calendars, though still have a place in society — just ask the folks at Pirelli & C. SpA — i-D seems to think as much. The 31 days of July are commemorated to great effect by photographer Jeff Henrickson for a special edition of “i-Diary” starring amongst others Maja Salamon. Add 10, 12, 14, 27, and 29 of July to 1 and 4 — they’re all Maja! There is enough of the Polish beauty to make every week of July memorable and possibly even an occasion to pen the words, Dear Diary… .

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Credits include: Publication,; Date, 1 July 2014; Title, “i-Diary #2: July”; Photography, Jeff Henrikson; Styling, Sasha Kelly; Hair, Shingo Shibata; Makeup, Junko Kioka; Photography assistance, Kiri Wawatai; Styling assistance, David Casavant, Julia Sanchis; Special thanks, ROOT Studios.