NEW YORK — For a world forever in turmoil, Maria Cornejo’s collection for Spring 2015 provides a welcome tonic. Even at its best this collection (or any for that matter) might not cure the world’s woes, but its gentle, monochromatic touches will soften the tumultuousness for those who listening (and cheering!). There is a lot to love in this collection with its architectural lines and asymmetrical accents. Early Monday evening at 509 W 34 St, Signe Rasmussen, Roxanne, Dasha Gold, and Tanya K all featured on the runway. The world might always be at odds with at odds with itself, but at least a narrow slice of it next season has a chance to be a bit less so by way of Zero + Maria Cornejo.

Credits include: Client, Zero + Maria Cornejo; Collection, Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear; Design, Maria Cornejo; Styling, Victoria Simes; Hair, James Pecis | Phyto; Makeup, Dick Page | Shiseido; Manicure, Gina Edwards | Morgan Taylor; Casting, Edward Kim; Models, Signe Rasmussen, Roxanne, Dasha Gold, Tanya K; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.