Interview recently launched a new Tuesday feature at called “Talent Show,” which as its names suggests “showcases new faces performing new talents.” Enter Romy Byrne, the Bard-educated model whose parents are actors Ellen Barkin and Gabriel Byrne. For anyone who follows Romy’s career, they will know she has an affinity for hip hop and music in general. This video short, produced in that endearing low fidelity VHS style, shines a light on Romy’s passion for mixing music. Turn up the volume, hit play, and when finished, be kind and rewind.

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Credits include: Publication, Interview 21 October 2014 (Online); Title, “Talent Show”; Direction, Matt Baron; Editing, Christa Haley; Camera and audio, Ben Katz; Lighting, Bartosz Jankowski; Grooming, Erin Green at Art Department; Casting, Sean Dezan at Michelle Lee Casting; Executive production, Kelly Brant; Production, Emma Brown; Special thanks, Fast Ashleys.