In early October Dazed spoke with Tati Cotliar about her personal style and approach to fashion for its “Closet Case” series. “Fashion is social, fashion is in the streets and I think that you should be able to show your personality with the way you dress,” explained Tati plainly. “My personality at least is silly and very fun and I am not embarrassed to be embarrassed.” That fun side is especially evident in a newly published story for Garage online, which is styled by none other than Tati herself. Photographed by Yvan Fabing, the high-heel sneaker story is given the animated GIF treatment, a preview of which the magazine today splashed in dramatic fashion on its Instagram (pictured). This popular file format lends well to listicles and pretty much things viral, but the spirit and movement of this story is not so much a matter for clever programming as it is the brilliant vision of Tati Cotliar.

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Credits include: Publication,; Date, 12 November 2014; Title, “Hi Heel Sneakers”; Photography, Yvan Fabing; Styling, Tati Cotliar; Hair, Cyndia Harvey at Streeters; Makeup, Pablo Rodríguez using M∙A∙C Cosmetics; Styling asistance, Poppy Russell and Mila Van Der Linden; Makeup assistance, Alex Chalk; Models, Alys Hale at IMG London, Harmony Boucher at Elite London.