As adjectives go sexy is not terribly descriptive. Were it a natural resource, then it would have already been strip mined to oblivion by the middle part of the last century. Sexy simply cannot stand on its own, which is why when used in concert with, say, Tom Ford, then the term puffs out its chest and struts around the room kissing everything in sight. If that last passage sounds familiar, then it is no coincidence as today the luxury brand has previewed its latest lipstick Tom Ford Lips & Boys with a sexy teaser starring ever sultry Sabrina Ioffreda. The teaser provocatively asks why choose one and shows Sabrina locking lips with a bevy of beautiful men. The limited edition lipsticks will be offered in 50 different shades beginning 28 November. Sexy!

Head over to for a full preview.

Credits include: Client, Tom Ford; Campaign, Lips & Boys.