Run those jewels fast, run-run-run those jewels fast…Holly Rose does as much in the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar in a beauty story photographed by Ben Hassell. Gleaming gems crafted in the boldest of colors provide the perfect accent to a radiant Holly, whose hair and makeup by Teddy Charles and Sammy Mourabit respectively make the story’s title “Eye Candy” less a description than an out and out understatement. With eye candy this sweet Holly Rose makes any notions of dessert superfluous.

Credits include: Publication, Harper’s Bazaar December / January 2014-2015; Title, “Eye Candy”; Photography, Ben Hassell; Fashion, Simon Robins; Hair, Teddy Charles; Makeup, Sammy Mourabit; Manicure, Alicia Torello.

Holly Rose | Harper's Bazaar December / January 2014-2015 (Photography: Ben Hassell)

Holly Rose | Harper’s Bazaar December / January 2014-2015 (Photography: Ben Hassell)