For those readers who forgot all the Portuguese they crammed to learn ahead of the 2014 World Cup this summer in Brazil, they are in luck. Ana Beatriz Barros teamed up with i-D for its Mother Tongue series to produce a crash course in some of the most delightful phrasing to have been spoken from the shores of Ipanema. From how to say “I love photography” to its obvious follow-up “danger,” Ana Beatriz and i-D provide the perfect complement to the Polish language primer Ola Rudnicka starred in this summer. Best part is, readers can always rewind this series and play it again to reinforce the lesson Ana Beatriz delivers so charmingly.

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Credits include: Publication,; Date, 11 December 2014; Title, “Mother Tongue: How To Speak Portuguese”; Direction, Dimitri Basil; Styling, Samantha Traina; Hair, Ramsell Martinez; Makeup, Ozzy Salvatierra; Special thanks, James Powell at Next.