It is the time of year for either being vexed about hosting a dinner or attending one. Thankfully i-D has provided solutions for both in an a new short film by laying a half dozen table settings for six very important figures in fashion including Binx and Caroline De Maigret as well as Alexander Fury, Tim Blanks, Julia Sarr-Jamois, and Jonathan Saunders. Viewers are invited to take up the extra table setting and listen in on voice message-like audio samples of the dinner guests on the subject of Christmas. “I want a pair of plain black Supergas,” admits Binx as a model wearing said trainers steps on a ripe pomegranate atop the dinner table. There is then the little matter of perfume Binx’s grandmother gifted her, which was all well and good except for the fact the bottle was half empty — womp, womp. Caroline, ever the iconoclast, would rather give gifts whenever she feels like it rather than on a prescribed date. That said, she does fancy looking at Christmas through her child’s eyes. The dinner is a hit and the best part about this feast is that there is no obligation to clear the table following dessert and coffee.

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Credits include: Publication, i-D [Digital]; Date, 16 December 2014; Title, “i-D Christmas Dinner”; Direction, The Apiary; Direction of photography, Matthias Schellenberg; Styling, Max Clark; Starring, Alexander Fury, Binx Walton, Tim Blanks, Julia Sarr-Jamois, Caroline de Maigret, Jonathan Saunders.