NEW YORK — “I really like the idea that there’s no definition of beauty,” explains artist Abdul Kircher speaking about the Next Fall / Winter 2015 show package of which his original photographs are part. “These subjects of mine are beautiful…it doesn’t matter if it’s like a model or if it’s like a homeless person on the street, they all have some kind of beauty in them.” The question of beauty is central to this season’s show package and in this interview Kircher speaks for the first time about his involvement in its creation.

Opening statement in full —

How do we define beauty? Does it speak to perfection or is it actually the unique nuances that make us beautiful? We all grapple with this quandary at one point or another in our lives and yet there is not a single clearly defined understanding of what beauty is. In the business of image, ironically, this conversation takes place constantly yet no consensus has emerged. Is beauty raw or polished? Is it at the center of attention or on the periphery? This season we have partnered with emerging artist Abdul Kircher, who is bold enough to assert what he defines as beautiful. His images are controversial and uncomfortable at times; and challenge us all to commit to beauty in whatever sense we define it.

Credits include: Artwork, Abdul Kircher; Video / interview, Damien Neva at Next.