NEW YORK — Politics is one of those topics along with religion that is best avoided in conversation, but Tuesday afternoon at Pier 36 designers Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier dispensed with social nicety and simply went for it. The it of course was something vaguely revolutionary with an accent on Paris ’68, karmic militancy in search of greener pastures, which were quite literally realized in the carefully manicured artificial turf runway. The looks carried with them graphic slogany buzzwords and phrases such as “solidarity” and “our future.” Right in lockstep with this vision of the future were a quartet from Next including Roxy, Yuan Bo Chao, Binx, and Grace Hartzel.

Credit include: Client, Marc Jacobs; Collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs Women’s Ready-To-Wear Fall / Winter 2015; Clothing design, Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier; Styling, Venetia Scott; Hair, Guido Palau for Redken; Makeup, Diane Kendal for March Jacobs Beauty; Manicure, Elisa Ferri for Marc Jacobs Beauty; Production, KCD.