As eyes stay fixed to the scrolling action of smart devices deep into the ready-to-wear season, take a moment to adjust focus during the change-up between London and Milan to appreciate, really appreciate the March 2015 issue of Interview. The latest edition of the title cofounded by Andy Warhol is chock full of editorials, the likes of which ought to inspire and generally heal the blind and make the lame walk again. Fabien Baron’s masterpiece of a story celebrating faded florals inspired from Versailles features the ever cinematic Abbey Lee and undoubtedly leads the issue in its ability to inspire. “Grey Gardens,” as the Ludivine Poiblanc-styled story is called, is a 21st century take on Miss Havisham, that Dickensian face who launched 1000 editorials. From Prada (pictured) to Alexander McQueen, no florals are spared the ruinous treatment that makes them all universally grey. As devastating a tableau as this editorial is sure to project, at no point does it fail to conjure awe. This wonderment could be many things, but in a garden of grey during one of the noisiest moments of the calendar year, this wonderment is surely all about Abbey Lee.

Credits include: Publication, Interview March 2015; Title, “Grey Gardens”; Photography, Fabien Baron; Styling, Ludivine Poiblanc; Head pieces, James Pecis at D+V Management; Makeup, Yadim for Maybelline New York; Manicure, Megumi Yamamoto for Dior Vernis; Tailoring, Susan Balcunas for Lars Nord Studio; Casting, Michelle Lee at Michelle Lee Casting; Set design, Stefan Beckman at Exposure NY; Executive production, Sarah Maxwell for PRODn at Art + Commerce; Production, Sara Zion for PRODn at Art + Commerce; Production management, Ashley Scott for PRODn at Art + Commerce; Retouching, Gloss Studio; Lighting direction, Rob Kassabian; Digital, Clint Hild; Special thanks, The Andrew Freedman Home, MBCC, and K&M.

Abbey Lee | Interview March 2015

Abbey Lee | Interview March 2015 (Photography: Fabien Baron)