MILAN —  Generally, flat objects with reasonable surface areas to accommodate push pins when positioned near collections destined for the runway tend to announce themselves plainly, much in the way a traffic sign signals one-way traffic. Confusion, obfuscation, manipulation, these tactics are for advertisers, mood boards might trade in earnestness as was the case Wednesday evening backstage at Fausto Puglisi. Fashion week in Milan was not even a day young and already models were scrambling to make call times, nay, show times borne of a congested schedule that spaces collection berths in 30-minute increments from one another. The chaos that results can be a thing of beauty and in the case of Fausto Puglisi it simply enhanced the program expressed by the mood board, a stiff cocktail of Diana Vreeland, Queen Elisabeth II, and Nancy Spungen. “[It’s] calm backstage,” wryly proclaimed Lily Sumner with folded hands, “everyone’s feeling zen.” Some might argue otherwise, but the zen, mojo, whatever you like, was potent and made for a refreshingly earnest and downright entertaining runway show that had everyone whooping and hollering front-of-house to backstage.  Also featuring on the runway Wednesday evening were Ola Rudnicka, Hedvig Palm, and Roxy.

Credits include: Client, Fausto Puglisi; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Fall / Winter 2015; Clothing design, Fausto Puglisi; Styling, Sissy Vian; Hair, Franco Gobbi; Makeup, Lucia Pieroni; Casting, Piergiorgio Del Moro.