PARIS — The Centre Pompidou or as locals call it, Beaubourg, opened in the late 1970s and is home to a massive library, a modern art museum, and a center for acoustic and music research. The ambitious facility is a triumph of postmodern architecture, which only after several decades has managed to shake off much of the doubt that initially accompanied its opening in order to become the celebrated center that it is today. Beaubourg extended its artistic mission Saturday evening as the host site for the Nina Ricci Fall / Winter 2015 runway show, which was no less than a house debut for designer Guillaume Henry following an appointment in October of last year. Henry’s achievements at Carven are well knowns and admired in fashion circles and to call his inaugural collection highly anticipated would be an understatement. Nature was not unaccommodating to the occasion and duly regaled attendees making their way to the top of the facility with a sumptuous sunset. The runway show that followed will no doubt also have given guests plenty to approve as it was strode out on the runway by Maja Salamon, Ola Rudnicka, Grace Hartzel, and Saadi amongst others. This was not the precious and stately Nina Ricci of yore, but something for more demanding and yet immensely wearable. However Henry’s maiden collection is received it will no doubt provide food for thought not unlike its site host Beaubourg has over the years.

Credits include: Client, Nina Ricci; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Fall / Winter 2015; Clothing design, Guillaume Henry; Styling, Suzanne Koller; Hair, Eugene Souleiman; Makeup, Aaron De Mey; Casting, Patrizia Pilotti.