On a good day a stylist produces enough looks to create the mere idea of another world, a world that is someplace or even some time apart from the one experienced on a daily basis. Better still is a stylist whose work forms the foundation for a world that is entirely transformed by the styled looks worn by a model. Enter Tati Cotliar, model turned stylist, whose ever-expanding styling CV has gone from strength to strength in recent months. Tati’s latest styling credit for Garage is arguably her most impressive and has her teaming up with filmmaker Yvan Fabing to realize the Spring 2015 collections in a highly technological manner heretofore unseen. Model Lindsey Wixson walks through an empty floor of an industrial loft wearing an Alexander McQueen dress as eddies of smoke and vapor roll off and mimic the layers and folds of the garment. Ribbons of color fill the screen, jetting this way and that, in an emphatic echo of the Balmain suit moving through the room. Feedback loop upon glorious feedback loop, Tati Cotliar harnesses the power of amplification to create the sublime. Tati’s styling is sure to reach even higher in the coming months and will no doubt take her to worlds yet unimaginable.

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Credits include: Publication, Garage; Title, “Spring 2015 Collections”; Direction, Yvan Fabing; Styling, Tati Cotliar; Direction of photography, Jake Scott; Set design, Dragonfly Scenery; Hair, Charlie Le Mindu at Jed Root; Makeup, Jenny Coombs at Streeters; Manicure, Michelle Humphrey at LMC Worldwide using Maybelline New York; Model, Lindsey Wixson.