NEW YORK — Shortly after midnight local time Next Management LLC announced via Instagram the establishment of a breakthrough new social media service called Next Facsimile on Demand™. The marketplace is littered with social media platforms that brought little more than broken promises and false dawns. Today the tide has shifted in reverse to an all but forgotten technology that hearkens back to the 1960s, yes, we are talking about fax machines! Next Facsimile on Demand™ will utilize those hoary old devices that have long occupied desk space in the darkest corners of offices the world over.

How it works: Users send a text message to the local Next Facsimile on Demand™ number that includes the first three letters of a Next model’s name using the alphanumeric keypad. For example, for Grace Hartzel, users will text “472” along with the fax number they are using. For Lineisy Montero, “546” and so on. Once they do this, a high-quality, single-color bitmap image of the requested model will be sent to their fax machine.

Next Facsimile on Demand™ is set to conquer a bold new frontier (fax machines) that offers great promise, unprecedented user engagement, and an inky tangibility that is lacking in other social media platforms.