The kaleidoscope is a relatively simple device, little more than a rotating cylinder and a system of mirrors and colorful objects at one end through which light passes and ultimately produces for the observer a shifting mosaic of shapes and colors. Several higher magnitudes of complexity are thus achieved through fragmentation and multiplication. Borne of early 19th century ingenuity, the kaleidoscope has shifted to become a no less powerful visual technique in the digital age as is evidenced in Tati Cotliar’s latest outing as a stylist in a new short film titled “Antithesis” for Garage. Director Casey Brooks draws upon her background in contemporary dance to create a dazzling spectacle pairing the choreography of Dana Folgia Dance and a mesmerizing track by Los Angeles producer Nosaj Thing. Spiraling colors and dizzying movement create the perfect canvas upon which Tati to realize her ambitious, kaleidoscopic vision.

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Credits include: Publication, Garage; Title, “Antithesis”; Direction, Casey Brooks; Styling, Tati Cotliar; Direction of photography, Casey Brooks; Hair, Dee Daly; Makeup, Paul Blanch at Opus Beauty using M∙A∙C Pro; Director of photography, Drew Schwarts; Camera operator, Daryl Henderson; Styling assistance, Julian D’Artois, Eva Schnarrenberger; Beauty assistance, Crystan Tran; Dance choreography, Dana Foglia Dance; Music, “Fog” by Nosaj Thing.