The Information Age has enabled us to watch videos of cuddly kittens whenever we please and yet something is still missing. High fashion is not immune to the predicament, which makes today’s announcement all the more timely that Alexa Chung and British Vogue have endeavored to produce a fashion documentary series that aims to answer what the future holds for the industry. In a newly produced video, which opens at the offices of Next Paris, Alexa makes the assertion that “I think it’s important that we make a film, which is an accurate representation of fashion as it stands now and where it’s going in the future.” By no means is this going to be one-way traffic, however. Alexa and British Vogue are eager to involve in this conversation their sizable audiences and the wider public. The pair today pressed the case on social media to find out what people would like to know, which in the coming weeks Alexa will seek to address with her usual sharp wit, intelligence, and perfect poise.

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