NEW YORK — Beautiful girl rides aluminum push scooter in green area in major metropolis is not exactly the stuff of headline news, but all the same this means of urban transport has proven something of a revelation for Avery Tharp. Living near Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan’s East Village, the native of Santa Cruz, California is already well situated to make daily appointments with clients, but on a scooter distances are more than halved. “I feel like a cross between [Derek] Zoolander and a Wall Street executive,” deadpans Avery, who completely owns up to the residual absurdity involved in willingly using an assemblage of aluminum tubes and polyurethane wheels that can at any moment become calamitous and graceless on the unforgiving and often harrowing streets of New York. Avery is unflappable, however and rather fancies her lightweight personal chariot whether she’s tearing through Tompkins, stopping in for a skim cappuccino at Ninth Street Espresso, or making the next casting just as she did to land herself on the runway for Chanel earlier this year. Avery Tharp rides a Razor in Tompkins Square Park ought now be the stuff of headline news.

This is the third installment of what is an occasional series called Next Visits in which models, talent, and more take viewers to their favorite places.

Credits include: Title, “Avery Tharp — Next Visits”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Avery Tharp; Location, Tompkins Square Park, New York NY.