ASTORIA, NEW YORK — It is something of a truism that as a species humans seek comfort, the freedom from the burdens of life. Models, those paragons of beauty, are not in any way immune from this need and given their often grueling schedules seek zen wherever and whenever they can find it. For Anushka Stupakoff, inner peace is attained on the roof of her building in Astoria practicing chords on her acoustic guitar. Daughter of an English mother and Brazilian father, Anushka spent a her childhood immersed in the arts in England and Upstate New York. Anushka’s passion for music eventually found expression in learning to play guitar herself, which in part is the outgrowth of the years spent with her musically inclined friends back in England. It is early days on the guitar, mind, but Anushka is ever committed and has an inviting roof that awaits her after long days spent modeling.

This is the fourth installment of what is an occasional series called Next Visits in which models, talent, and more take viewers to their favorite places.

Credits include: Title, “Anushka — Next Visits”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Anushka Stupakoff; Location, Astoria, NY.