NEW YORK — Times are such that just about anyone who grabs hold of the auxiliary cable is liable to proclaim themselves a DJ. Readers can be forgiven for feeling skeptical over such proclamations, but ought to check their doubts at the door when it comes to Callie Reiff. The Upper East Side spitfire had her first formal instruction in deejaying at the age of 11, when after being inspired by YouTube clips of early Diplo and A-Trak she cold-called a Manhattan recording studio and insisted on being taught the sacred arts of the wheels of steel. The studio ultimately relented and the following day she was already dropping the needle on wax. Callie’s background in drumming and percussion made matching the beat of the two records a snap, which in the intervening four years has served as the foundation of her DJ abilities. Her interest in esoteric back catalogues of many of today’s leading DJs belies her tender age of 15-years-old. Never one to sit still, Callie Reiff has expanded her repertoire in order to showcase a precocious fashion sense, which is evidenced in her blog Callie’s Street Chic. Callie admits to having started the blog at the behest of her friends, who all but demanded she start a blog in order to more easily follow her styling lead. Teen Vogue has joined Callie’s chorus of admirers by recently featuring her in a retro denim story. There are other exciting prospects for Callie on the horizon and for now she is simply enjoying dressing well, mixing beats, and being a high school student living a life of which most teenagers could only dream.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Callie Reiff”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Talent, Callie Reiff.